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New Site Design

Creating order out of chaos

As Michaelangelo supposedly said of his David: “I chipped away the stone that didn’t look like him!” So it is with golf course design: whittling away the extraneous, leaving the essential. Respecting what exists, then judiciously adding or subtracting that which enhances the design and playability of the future course.

Poppy Hills

Renovation, remodel, redesign

What’s old is new again

A golf course is a living entity, and like good wine can often age for the better. RTJ II’s design philosophy also has changed with the times, embracing modern demands for sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Restoring venerable courses to their former glory might mean eliminating trees and vegetation, but all with an eye toward playability and water conservation.


Course evaluation

Master planning

Beyond bunkers and hazards: Seeing the big picture

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master planing picture

Course purchase evaluations

Hewing diamonds out of coal

It takes years of experience and more than just a bit of vision to see a finished golf routing on land formerly left to nature’s capricious ways. RTJ II and associates won’t force-feed a course on land incompatible with budgetary and environmental constraints but will instead merge creativity with technology to achieve the correct design.

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